Paladins - Jaguar Falls, Frog Isle Props

Anthony xenakis jagfacerenders

Wall Relief Low Poly

Anthony xenakis jagfacehighrenders

Wall Relief High Poly

Anthony xenakis jagfaceingame

Wall Relief In game

Anthony xenakis birdrenders2

Bird Statue Low+High Poly

Anthony xenakis birdingame

Bird Statue in game

Anthony xenakis jagheadrenders2

Jaguar Rock Low+High Poly

Anthony xenakis jagheadingame

Jaguar Rock in game

Here are a few of the statues I made for the game Paladins. These were used in the maps Jaguar Falls and Frog Isle.
Blockout in 3DsMax, sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Photoshop.
For the wall relief, I rendered out some matcaps in Zbrush and overlayed in PS.
Huge props to the talented Paladins environment team.

-Concepts by Anna Christenson
-Additional texture work by Andrew Trabbold
-Art Director Thomas Holt