SMITE Chinese Joust Environment assets

Anthony xenakis anthony xenakis axsmitedragonmural
Anthony xenakis axsmitepanels
Anthony xenakis axsmitedoors
Anthony xenakis axsmitebullstatue
Anthony xenakis axsmitetitanpx
Anthony xenakis axsmitelp
Anthony xenakis axsmitebuildings
Anthony xenakis axsmitecjscreen1
Anthony xenakis axsmitecjscreen2
Anthony xenakis axsmitecjscreen3
Anthony xenakis axsmitecjscreen4

Hi! Here are some of the assets I worked on for the Smite Joust map. Most high-poly meshes were roughed in in 3Ds max, then sculpted in zbrush. Baked in Xnormal, with overlaid shots straight from Zbrush where possible.
Was responsible for modeling the architecture for the Chaos side, and some of the Mini-boss area buildings. Created the trim sheet used on these buildings, with some additional paintover by Andrew Trabbold:
Everything else in the scene was done by the incredible Environment team! So much fun working on this map!
Concept art by the amazing Anna Christenson: