Paladins Stone Keep Statues

Anthony xenakis statuec renders4
Anthony xenakis statueabowl renders2
Anthony xenakis screen1
Anthony xenakis screen2
Anthony xenakis statuec renders lp3
Anthony xenakis statueabowl renders lp3

Here are the statues I made for the Paladins map, Stone Keep. Had a lot of fun working on these. General workflow for them was to block out a quick low-poly in 3DS Max, sculpt in Zbrush, create the low-poly in max utilizing the Freeform/Polydraw tools and reuse the block out mesh as much as possible. Baked in xNormal and textured in Photoshop.

A huge thanks to the rest of the environment team for making this map look awesome!

Concepts by Anna Christenson

Additional paintovers by Andrew Trabbold