Wizard - Hand Painted

Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizard1

LP render 1

Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizard2

LP render 2

Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizard3

LP render 3

Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizarddif

Textures 2x 1024

Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizardhp


Anthony xenakis anthonyxenakiswizardwires

LP wires

Anthony xenakis conceptdanidiaz

Concept by Dani Diez

Hi! Here is a wizard dude that I made based off this concept from Dani Diez http://www.danidiez.com/#26
This was another attempt at practicing some hand painted texturing in 3Dcoat. Huge thanks to all the people that took the time to give me critiques on this one!

Sculpt in Zbrush, low poly in 3DsMax, bakes in Marmoset, painted in 3Dcoat + Photoshop CC
Rendered in Marmoset.